NAI James E. Hanson Casts its CRE Predictions for 2018

Jan 11, 2018

Brokers voice continued optimism for commercial real estate market heading into 2018

What can you expect from the CRE market in 2018? We gathered some of our leading brokers to provide insights on what the market holds for a variety of asset classes as well as key factors that impact our industry.

Sales Associate Nicholas DePaolera on Multi-Family

“Some may consider me rather new to the business, but I am very comfortable in predicting that, much like industrial, multi-family development will continue its prolonged, multiyear rally. We are observing more developers looking for multi-family opportunities than ever before. Developers and builders are now pursuing locations for development that traditionally were off limits because they lack mass transportation and/or rail to NYC. New Jersey’s high-priced entry level single family housing market coupled with the new tax laws will surely impact heavily on single family housing development in 2018. As such, we continue to recognize the profound opportunity and demand for multi-family developments throughout northern New Jersey”.

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